Lakehome Games Launches Bitter Plants

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Lakehome Games Launches Bitter Plants All the peace and tranquility of gardening with high explosives. Minneapolis, MN June 7, 2016 “Your queen needs you!  She won’t survive without that pollen, and neither will your hive!  Every bee, deep down, knows this to be true.  This yard though, this yard… you’ve never seen anything like this before.  You must solve the Riddle of the Flowers in this yard to collect the pollen your hive needs — but it seems impossible!  You count the seeds you have left, and realize you are down to just four seeds — but […]

The Sunshine Move (3.125)

Yes!!! Finally broke 3.0 efficiency, and it takes a LOT of work, but it’s totally worth it – after 8th move, you are at 3.125 efficiency.  Unfortunately, attempting to eliminate any one of the 6 remaining petals at this point only causes your efficiency to fall.  For example, placing a yellow in the middle of either trio brings your efficiency down to 3.111.  The key to this working is slowly building up an extended middle section, which you can see after 5.  Then it’s just a matter of going back and forth picking up 4 petals per move.  Calling this The […]

Improved Yard Voting

I’ve been working hard on the yard voting system, and it looks like it is finally ready to push out to playtesters (YAY!). Visually, it looks almost the same, but under the covers there’s been two major refactors to streamline and simplify the code.  Everything seems to be working swimmingly now (keeping my fingers crossed).   I’ve also been adding LOTS of little “Quality of Life” things to make it really easy to navigate the application and quickly get to the boards list.  Here’s the new title screen complete with animated falling flowers, and a progress bar that actually accurately […]

Press Kit to the Rescue!

This has been such a HUGE time-saver!  If you are doing indie game development, or really any kind of development work where you need a project portfolio… this is what you need! Lakehome Games Press Kit Get your own Press Kit here!   I’ve done a major site re-organization, but it was worth it.  Everything is so much easier to find now 🙂 Now I can get back to coding!