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Our story doesn’t begin at the old Bolton family farmhouse. It doesn’t even start in the overgrown forest at the far edge of the wheat field. No, our story begins in a tiny patch of yellow and red flowers at the far western edge of a tiny, murky milkweed pond, under an ancient weeping willow tree.

This could have been a flower patch much like any other flower patch in these deep woods, but it wasn’t. In this flower patch, the flowers could talk and dance and sing. On this particular morning, one bright daisy was in a big hurry trying to wake up a little blue flower.

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Bitter Plants is a fun, relaxing puzzle game played on a hexagon grid. As you complete yard puzzles in Bitter Plants, you unlock chapters of a story - a heart-warming tale for all ages.

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Bitter Plants was an Official Selection for the GlitchCon Minnecade 2016

Bitter Plants was an Official Selection for the Digital Play Expo for BushConnect 2016

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